Environment, sustainability and society

We operate in an international business environment. Salmon are produced in areas held in common by the local community, but are exported and sold worldwide. This supply chain creates a footprint that we strive to limit. Nova Sea works to support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We also wish to take a leading position on sustainability through our strong commitment to the environment and the prevention of climate change.

Sustainability report 2022

Ever since salmon first arrived at Nova Sea, the company has had a vision: the perfect balance. This balance, between people, fish and the environment, lies at the very heart of how we operate. Nova Sea therefore publishes an annual report detailing our performance in relation to our own goals and established policies on the environment, quality, food safety and animal welfare, as well as our performance in relation to statutory requirements and regulations.

From 2022, the Sustainability Report also covers the Norwegian Transparancy Act.



Nova Sea wants to support local associations, societies and voluntary organisations, as well as other initiatives that help to boost active engagement, improve recreational opportunities and create a more diverse cultural life. The local communities in which we operate are important for us, so we wish to reciprocate by supporting local initiatives and engagement.


We have a strong focus on sustainability throughout our production process. It is our duty to produce delicious, safe and healthy food, with as small a carbon footprint as possible. Our salmon are entitled to be well treated, and our employees are entitled to a safe and meaningful job. For this reason, we abide by strict operating standards throughout our value chain. We are audited annually by independent certification bodies to ensure that we meet these requirements. Nova Sea is certified in accordance with standards set by Global GAP, ASC and BRC. We are also a member of the Global Salmon Initiative (GSI).

ASC certified farms

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