Our 25 facilities are situated in perfect surroundings along the entire Helgeland coast.


Steinar Olaisen was a salmon farming pioneer and the founder of Nova Sea. Although he sadly passed away in 2011, Nova Sea is still run according to his philosophy of honesty and operational prudence, with a focus on quality and sustainability.  From the first 1,200 smolt raised in 1972 to over 12 million salmon produced today, Nova Sea has grown to be one of Northern Norway’s largest salmon farmers. None of this would have been possible without a competent and dedicated workforce.

Vision and values

Our vision is “The perfect balance”. Everything we do at Nova Sea reflects our vision and our values. Our values are: Local, Responsible, Competent and Proud.


We have deep roots in the local communities in which we operate. We are important for our host communities, and they are important for us.


We are responsible to each other, to the fish and to the environment – and we will fulfil this responsibility in the best way possible.


We have a high degree of professional competence, and we will always acquire and recruit the right competence within our value chain.


We are proud of Nova Sea. We are proud of our industry and the ripple effect we have on others. We are proud to work locally, responsibly, and competently.

Our value chain


In conjunction with Nordlaks, Cermaq and AquaGen, Nova Sea has helped to build up production of a broodstock in Northern Norway under the auspices of the company Nordnorsk Stamfisk. This is a key factor in securing access to roe, safeguarding fish health, and boosting emergency preparedness.


Nova Sea is the majority shareholder in Helgeland Smolt, which has two hatcheries in Nordland County. The first, in Gildeskål municioality, was completed in 2010, and has the capacity to produce 13 million smolt per year. The second facility, in Rødøy, was completed in 2015. It is licensed to produce 8 million smolt weighing 250g. In addition, it supplies post-smolt salmon weighing over 500g.

Harvestable fish

Nova Sea has sea farms, where salmon are raised to harvestable size, along the entire Helgeland coast, from Vega in the south to Gildeskål in the north. Good locations are a prerequisite for good production and good fish health, and the Helgeland coast is perfect for salmon farming. Nova Sea has over 15 production bases, employing more than 100 men and women who do their utmost every day to produce the best salmon for Nova Sea.


Nova Sea is a co-owner of North Salmon Service, which currently has the wellboat named after our founder Steinar Olaisen. The boat can transport up to 540 tonnes of live salmon. In addition, it is designed for open and closed transport, sorting, the transport of smolt, delousing with filters to collect the removed sea lice and UV-treatment of all circulating water. A new wellboat, Færysund, is due for delivery in 2021.

Harvesting plant

Nova Sea’s harvesting plant is located in Lovund, which lies practically at the centre of our production area. The plant can handle 350 tonnes of fresh salmon and produce 25 tonnes of salmon fillet per day, and employs just over 130 people. Nova Sea has decided to build a new and ultra-modern harvesting plant.


Nova Sea’s Sales Department sells all the fish that the company produces. Salmon from Nova Sea is sold worldwide. In addition, we have a stake in the Alex Sushi restaurant in Oslo, which means that Nova Sea is engaged at every stage of the supply chain from roe to plate.

Secondary processing

Nova Sea produces pre-rigor salmon fillets. Because the filleting line is linked directly to the harvesting line, the fillets are ready to go within hours of the salmon swimming in the sea. This unique level of freshness means our fillets are highly sought after by quality-conscious consumers.

Nova Sea Aquaservice

Nova Sea Aquaservice AS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nova Sea. The company has three service and cleaning vessels of just under 15m in length, whose task is to assist Nova Sea with all types of cleaning, inspection and service assignments at our fish farming facilities along the Helgeland coast. Nova Sea Aquaservice also has a subsidiary, Nova Master, which operates the 24-metre service vessel Nova Master.

Nova Sea’s management team

Tom Eirik Aasjord


Jørgen Aakre


Bjørn Helge Hjartåker

Production Manager Sea

Bjørn Olvik


Trud Berg

Communications Manager

Nova Sea’s board of directors

Aino Olaisen

Chair Woman

Yngve Myhre

Deputy chair

Olav Soleide


Ørjan Mortveit Tveiten


Solveig Yvonne Petra van Nes


Maria Olaisen


Ragnar Joensen


Brynjulf Kristensen


Asgeir Nergård


Kåre Johan Myhre



Vigner Olaisen