Fresh, cold water and beautiful, wild nature – the perfect balance.

Based in Lovund, on an island at the edge of the Norwegian Sea, Nova Sea AS is one of the largest producers of farmed salmon in Northern Norway, with 33.33 licenses for production of salmon. In addition the company is part owner of 4 licenses. We have salmon farms along the entire coast of Helgeland – surrounded by fresh, cold water and beautiful, wild nature. In other words: the perfect conditions for producing salmon!

Our history

Steinar Olaisen was a salmon farming pioneer and the founder of Nova Sea. Although he sadly passed away in 2011, Nova Sea is still run according to his philosophy of honesty and operational prudence, with a focus on quality and sustainability.  From the first 1,200 smolt raised in 1972 to over 12 million salmon produced today, Nova Sea has grown to be one of Northern Norway’s largest salmon farmers. None of this would have been possible without a competent and dedicated workforce.


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Nova Sea joins Norwegian Seafood Trust to Track Salmon from Feed to Food

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Quality at every stage