We will always supply food of a high nutritional quality


Our products are supplied in a variety of trimming qualities. Click on the different trimming qualities to see them pictured

Round fish

Fresh, gutted salmon with the head on


Backbone and belly bones. removed A+: Belly skin removed


Backbone, belly bones, ear bones and ventral fin removed


Backbone, belly bones, ear bones, ventral fin, dorsal fin, adipose fin, anal fin and belly fat between the ear bones and the ventral fin removed


The fillet is fully trimmed. Backbone, belly bones, ear bones, ventral fin, dorsal fin, adipose fin, anal fin, all belly fat, dorsal fat, fin tissue and belly skin removed

Contact Sales

Nova Sea’s Sales Department sells all the fish produced by Nova Sea. Nova Sea salmon is sold in Europe, the USA and Asia.

Bjørn Olvik

Chief Commercial Officer 

  • +47 41 20 02 10

Trond Sjøholt

Sales Director

  • +47 91 34 57 70

Patrick Torres

Senior Sales Manager

  • +47 95 98 91 04

Inna Kuzmenko

Sales Manager

  • +47 91 15 37 58

Kristine Tønder

Sales Manager

  • +47 47 81 68 71
  • kristine.tonder@novasea.no

Anette Riise

Sales Manager 

  • +47 99 03 61 67
  • anette.riise@novasea.no

Birger Gade Sørensen

Sales Representative

  • +45 41 23 19 00

Javier Rosello

Sales Representative

  • +34 674 954 743

Gro Irene O. Nergård

Team Leader Sales Support / Back Office

  • +47 97 67 17 68

Runar Bakksjø

Sales Support

  • +47 47 02 20 81
  • runar.bakksjo@novasea.no

Tove Bosness

Back Office 

  • +47 91 16 30 88


We have a strong focus on sustainability in our production processes. It is our duty to produce delicious, safe and healthy food, with as small a carbon footprint as possible. Our salmon are entitled to be well treated, and our employees are entitled to a safe and meaningful job. For this reason, we abide by strict operating standards throughout our value chain. We are audited annually by independent certification bodies to ensure that we meet these requirements.

Global GAP – a set of standards for good production practice

An international standard covering all stages in the production process. Animal welfare and health, food safety and environment protection, as well as employee health and safety. The certificate shows that all stages of our production processes comply with the standard’s requirements.

Global Gap Nova Sea

HACCP - Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points

An international system for hazard analysis and risk assessment in the food production industry. The system assesses biological, chemical and physical hazards both during production and for the consumer. The certificate shows that Nova Sea AS’s production meets the requirements.

HACCP godkjenning slakteri 2023

British Retail Consortium (BRC) Global Standard for Food Safety

Food safety standard approved by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). The certificate shows that Nova Sea meets strict requirements for hygiene, food safety, product control, quality management systems, staff competence and supplier management.

BRC-sertifikat, gyldig til 2024-03-02

The Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC)

The ASC standard requires compliance with strict rules for the responsible and sustainable production of salmon, focusing on animal welfare as well as environmental and social issues. ASC emphasises transparency and requires the annual reporting of data from our farms and facilities. See “Our facilities” for ASC documentation on our sites.

ASC 2021-2024

FDA approval of Nova Sea – 2023

Approval shows that salmon produced by Nova Sea has been approved for export to the USA.

FDA approval 2023

Global Salmon Initiative (GSI)

Nova Sea has been a member of the Global Salmon Initiative (GSI) since 2017. The GSI is a global group of salmon producers who focus on sustainability within the sector through ASC certification and transparency through annual sustainability reporting.