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Global Salmon Initiative
Since 2017, Nova Sea has been a member of the Global Salmon Initiative (GSI), a group of salmon farmers from all over the world that focuses on sustainability in the industry through commitment to ASC-certification and transparency through annual sustainability reporting.  For more information about the GSI, visit their website here.

Sustainability Reports
Each year Nova Sea publishes a report with an overview of how we perform according to our own goals, governmental laws and regulations on environment, quality, food safety and animal welfare.

Nova Sea's Set of Values


All of Nova Sea’s activities are based on the principle of sustainable innovation with a concern for the environment. We are to limit and avoid any use of materials and substances that can effect the environment in a lasting negative way.


Our goal is to always produce nutritious, good quality salmon that meets our clients and consumers standards and expectations.

Food Safety

Nova Sea pledge to deliver a safe and traceable product. Since quality and food safety is not static, we continue tirelessly to evolve and better our production to meet the consumers’ needs and government demands. Traceability is a very important tool in securing food safety. We store data in accordance to procedures throughout our entire value chain to secure a safe and healthy production of food.

Animal Welfare

Our farming is based on the salmon's needs and welfare. The salmon should be produced in an environment which suits the salmon's biological and natural needs.


Recognition and trust are the pillars of our successful business. Nova Sea wishes to be a serious and responsible participant both in society and towards its customers. We demand honesty, cautiousness and accuracy; this is our own way of doing business.


“The Perfect Balance” is our way of business and life.

Safe Truck

Safe truck is a project started here at Nova Sea in collaboration with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. It is important for us to show our commitment to do what we can to avoid accidents on the roads. Link here 

Focus on Quality

It is our responsibility to attend to the salmon’s biological needs during our production time. We also have a responsibility not to pollute our surroundings; we should have a sustainable production so that we can continue to produce healthy food in cold, fresh waters, in wild and beautiful nature – seen in a perspective that reaches far beyond our own life span.

We work hard to attend and better the quality of our salmon in every point of our value chain, from roe to finished product. The term quality does not only mean that the salmon should have the best quality, but also the service of delivery of our salmon is included.

This is important to all of our employees!

We work every day to reach the highest possible level of quality. Smolt quality is crucial; we base our entire production on smolt produced by suppliers with years of experience in the field.
Our experienced aquaculture experts monitor the salmons eating habits and behaviour through its entire growth period in the sea. The fish feed is produced of sustainable resources, which provides our salmon with the correct and safe nutrition it needs to grow strong. Veterinarians monitor the salmon’s health status continuously throughout the production period. It is important to us to work closely with governmental institutions and follow their instructions in order to handle every challenge in the best way possible.

In order to maintain the good quality of our salmon, gentle handling and cold temperatures is the key. We handle the fish carefully through slaughter, processing and packing.

We do our best to meet our customer's demands both when it comes to size combinations and volumes. When handling deviations from the norm, we base our communication with our customer on honesty and open dialogue. We feel that this is the best way to finding a solution.

And last but not least, we follow strict procedures to secure food safety.


To meet the demands and expectations of customers and authorities we send weekly tests to external, accredited laboratories. They control quality, hygiene, food safety and fish health. Our own laboratory performs daily microbiological analyses of fish, production, water, environment and hygiene. Such analyses are important to document and verify product quality, hygiene and food safety.




HACCP - Hazard Analysis and Critical ControlPoint. 

An international system for hazard analysis and risk assessment in the food industry. The system considers biological, chemical and physical hazards in the production or for the consumer. The certificate shows that Nova Sea AS's production meets the requirements of this system. 

ISO 22000 - International standard for food safety


International standard showing that the company has a control system to ensure safe food production.


Global G.A.P - International standard that involves production at all levels


International standard that safeguards production in every chain. Animal-welfare and health, food-safety, environmental protection, as well as health and welfare for employees. The certificate shows that our production follows the requirements of the standard in every chain.

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